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Version 1.0 Note: This game will be updated with many new features, a fresh coat of paint and changes based on player feedback...and a couple of other unexpected surprises.

Version 001C Note: Some users received a 'X' or 'Y' mouse error. This has now been fixed without setting the game to fullscreen! :D

Oh, Its Christmas is a Retro Point n' Click seasonal adventure story built upon the lore of the upcoming (Disclaimer: I'm taking my sweet time) first-person Lovecraftian adventure, Shadow Over Isolation. Ryan Kappel has awoken to the cusp of Christmas Day. How long has it been? Who set up the Christmas decorations? Where's that horribly cheery holiday music coming from?

Join Ryan as he experiences Christmas time antics with lots of interactive elements, inside jokes, mythos building and some craziness sprinkled in.

Key Notes for Upcoming Version 1.0

  • 20 minutes total playtime. I wanted to bring in more content for the sake of it, since there's been a lot of headway over on Shadow Over Isolation's side.
  • Lots more to interact with. I wanted to bring in some more depth. A hint of more scares. And who knows...the outcome might be different.
  • New Graphics. It's been a long time coming...and I felt the game could use a visual overhaul. Less marketing, more standalone adventure.
  • YOU CAN NOW MUTE THAT GAUDY MUSIC! Yes...you'll be able to mute it...just not in a conventional way.
Release date Dec 25, 2015
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsNaughty Shinobi, s.b.Newsom
TagsChristmas, Cult Classic, holiday, Horror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Retro, seasonal, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksHomepage, Developer Site, Twitter, Facebook


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We enjoyed the wit and the terrifying twist of this one. My only comment is to make sure the pop-up text for items doesn't appear behind the cursor :) Thanks for making this. Realise we are a bit late getting around to playing it! (Game features at 06:48.)

This was a fantastic little experience! Had my share of Christmas joy from smashing Blue Cups
- HardDuckman

Very cute horror game! Just curious though... will you ever release a walkthrough to show how to get all 42 points?


Most definitely. I'm hoping to have a guide a month after I release the final version. :)

May I ask how the final version is coming along?


really enjoyed this. played it on this double feature and i think i got the bad ending. but maybe it was good. idk lol. really had fun tho :)


Game was great! The smalls story and the graphics went together really well and was a fun play on Krampus!


gold stuff here


great game. No complaints.


love the style! Made you a lil video:


We played this game in a 3 random Christmas games this year! I want to find everything in the game at some point! 


Here is my gameplay of oh its christmas i loved it check out my gameplay and give me some feedback merry christmas 


Here's my playthrough. I enjoyed it :).


No Commentary :) 

Nice playthrough! Looking forward to you trying my other works later in 2021. :)


-Made a Video. (Old Video)


Haha! That was awesome and funny :D Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers

Glad you enjoyed it and found it funny. I try not to take things seriously and you managed to get that. Thanks for playing! :)


This was a lot of fun for a short game. Only managed 34 points though.

I REALLY need to write a walkthrough to get all the points. There is a way. lol Thanks for playing!

Brief but fun :)

Thanks for playing Tamur! <3

(1 edit)

Creative game, beautiful visuals and hilarious commentary! Basically did our job for us. Also really glad that the ending wasn't in any way scary or traumatizing, very festive with no spooks whatsoever. (2nd game in the compilation)


I really appreciate the playthrough and your not so traumatized experienced. haha Stay in touch and hope to hear from you in the future. :)

Thank you for checking out our video! We really appreciate the support, and loved the game btw! Can't wait to look into more of your work :D

A short little experience, loved the slight jokes and ending

Thank you, Naughty Shinobi! 감사합니다!

Quite a nice game, really enjoyed playing it. Still have to go through the game again to see the other possibilities and options. Keep it up, great game! 

Just wanna say thanks for the game, it was really fun! I don't play io games often, but yours caught my eye and it was really well made and I loved the humor too. So thanks again for making a good game.

During this video I played oh it's christmas. Got to say was a fun point and click game. Easy to follow, and the ending was cool. Looking forward to your next game 

Its a very cool art style that seems period appropriate. I thought it was a clever idea :D Keep it up, I'll be looking out for your next game. 

A year late on this, but hey it's nearly christmas!

I wanted to let you know that I've played this game on my YouTube Channel. Make sure to check it out!

Hey, I tried downloading this game but it told me "this kind of file could harm my computer" So I was wondering if it's safe or not? 


It says that for most .exe files but don't wory it's safe.


aw you basterd dont spoiled the beast crsitmas spacal

Neatly done, entertaining stuff!


Much appreciated Mister! Thanks for playing. :) Stay in touch!

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love sent to me... This game named "oh it's Christmas! Enjoy!


Hi, just wanted to let you know that "Oh, it's Christmas" was the video today for my YouTube advent calendar! Cheers! :D

Thank you so much! I'm so overwhelmed with all the love this lil game got, especially a year later when Xmas is coming around. I really enjoyed your video too. Keep up the great work and definitely stay in touch as Shadow Over Isolation nears its release. :D -Stuart

I'll definitely be on the lookout for "Shadow Over Isolation"! Happy Holidays, and may you have a great new year! :D